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マシンガン抱いた少女's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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FML [Sunday
›January 24th, 2010 at 11:57pm‹]
Here's a new one for you, ladies.

Him: I have to go home now.
Me: It's 5 am.
Him: I think my mom is going to divorce my step-dad so I'll have no place to live and have to go live with my dad in the US.
Me: Ok. Bye.
Him: I'll be back in a year.
Me: ... Just get the fuck out.
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Herupu? [Tuesday
›January 5th, 2010 at 7:47pm‹]
Um... I is stupid. I can't figure out how to pay my electric bill. There's no bar code to pay at a convenience store. Uh-oh spaghetti-o.

Also, I have a huge, painful lump in the back of my head. Don't make me turn into a Jewish grandmother and make you check it for me.
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DEXTER?? [Tuesday
›December 15th, 2009 at 10:02pm‹]
Does anyone watch Dexter?

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I have never been SO UPSET about my hair. [Sunday
›December 13th, 2009 at 1:48pm‹]
I am fucking sick of this country's inability to cut my goddamn hair. I know my hair is difficult because it's so fine and soft, but you'd think it would be hair styling 101 NOT to cut fine hair a certain way. I showed the hairdresser a picture of Taylor Momsen, whose hair is similar to mine in terms of texture and the guy basically took that as a sign to cut my hair WELL above my shoulders. Hers is definitely PAST her shoulders since it's slightly wavy. Plus he didn't even bother to WASH or put any PRODUCTS in my hair.

I have never cried so much over HAIR. It's fucking HAIR and I'm pissed as hell.
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Writer's Block [Wednesday
›November 25th, 2009 at 8:39pm‹]
UGH! I have major writer's block. I feel like everything I type is poopy doo doo. I can't even think of a clever way to explain how much poopy doo doo it is.
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›October 10th, 2009 at 10:47pm‹]
My subject title is pure sarcasm. I really haven't posted anything about what I'm doing. The people who talk to me know exactly what I'm up to, but for those of you who prefer not to speak with me in real time, here's what you've missed on The Sarah (not silverman) Program.

Previously... on The Sarah Program...

I've been going to a bunch of concerts recently (Buck-Tick, Creature Creature, Girugamesh, Inugami Circus Dan, the whole Jack in the Box thing...). And I've bought or am planning on buying tickets for some more (Buck-Tick again tomorrow, Kiyoharu at the end of October, J in December...). But recently, I've found myself dissatisfied with concerts. I understand my sentiments here with bands I don't particularly like or know much about, but the bands I do like aren't stirring that firy passion in belly and loins. There was a time when I probably would've gone fangirl crazy over any Japanese band I happened to see, but now I'm just so jaded by it all. I find it hard to get in the rock spirit, arm waving and head banging. Maybe I've been spending too much time with the cool people in the back. Or maybe I'm just not that crazed fantard I once was. Well, we'll see what happens at B-T tomorrow and the other two I have planned. (I plan to flash J. I'm not even kidding. It will be terrible and trashy, but I don't care.)

My job is cushy. I have a 50 minute commute, arrive at 9:15, sit at a desk and watch youtube when I'm not teaching, teach, and go home at 5:15. I'm not saying it's easy. You do have to have that certain type of personality to teach and you either got it or you don't. For those you who don't know, I don't teach at a school. I teach at a tax firm as a regular employee of the nearly 700-strong company. My students are mostly upper management in the private classes and junior/senior staff in the group classes. Their levels range from basic to extremely advanced English. I have one student whose English is better than mine, yet he feels that his English "sucks." Why is it always the people who are the best at English who say they suck? My worries with this job consist of what to do with certain students, but mostly something kind of silly. I'm probably one of the youngest people in the company. My private students are all over 35 at least. I can't help be wonder if they feel resentment that some snot-nosed kid is teaching them when they're very important people in the company. I could be exaggerating my feelings here, since I DO look older than 23 according to Japanese people.

I don't think my students know my age, but the other two English teachers do. I doubt it bothers Jason, who is a 32-year-old, half Japanese man with a wife and a step-daughter who is 12 (awkwardly found all this information about when we went on a business trip and had a few beers). Mark, on the other hand, seems to be a tad resentful. He's almost 40, lived in Japan for 8 years, and has been teaching for longer than that, and basically has the same position as me. I have a little teaching experience, but that's a piss in the ocean compared to what he has. We get along and I recognize his position as being higher than mine. I wouldn't venture to guess that we're paid pretty much the same, but I still surrender much of the decision making to him.

Then there's the whole matter of HOW I got the job. I'm not going to post about it here, but I do have to tell little white lies here and there. I don't feel comfortable doing it, but if I told the truth, I know they would think less of me. The only people who know the truth are quite high up and don't indulge in petty gossip amongst the lil' people, so I don't really care.

Personal Life:
As I mentioned before, most of my coworkers are much older than me. It's hard for a single, recent college grad to find things in common with a married lady in her 30's. I sometimes go out for mini-nomikai with the other English teachers, but we don't do it very often. I've been hanging out with people from Soka University, but they're all busy. Mina from Bulgaria came back to Tokyo to study for a year, which is AWESOME. Other than that... well, I've been having a rather complicated fling. Long LONG story short, I'm kind of seeing this guy who has a girlfriend. I knew he had one, but I just found out she's in Tokyo (she's Austrian and I thought she was in Austria). I'm not sure what's happening with all this, but I like the guy, so I'm not going to stop being his very special friend if he's ok with it. *massages temples*

And that's what you've missed. Other than that, I spend most of my time in front of the computer talking to people in the US. Sad, I know. Sorry to disappoint you, but Japan isn't the Land of Milk and Honey.
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›September 11th, 2009 at 12:41pm‹]
Yes, I know, I've been really silent on LJ. But I was waiting until my live report on JACK IN THE BOX 2009 SUMMER was ready.


Please comment on there. PLEASE! I really want to see that site getting traffic.

Anyway, I just got back from my very first business trip. I feel like such an a-dult now, it's not even funny. Other than that and the random concert going experiences, my life is quite boring. I work, hang out at home, eat, and work. Not necessarily in that order, but no wonder I'm getting mushy and limp. Hopefully with the weather cooling down I'll have more incentive to get out and have fun.
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UPDATE ON MY LIFE!!! [Saturday
›August 22nd, 2009 at 8:59pm‹]
Ok, I know I haven't updated in ages, but I've really had no motivation to. My life isn't terribly exciting. I go to work. Come home. Eat dinner. Fall asleep at 10 pm like a retiree. I try to do fun stuff on the weekend, but that always ends up costing me money, so for the most part I lock myself indoors, crank up (down) the AC, and watch movies. It's what Howard Hughes would've done.

The weekend before last, I went to ALL 90'S VK KARAOKE with 100 people from mixi I had never met before. Care to read about it? (cross posted on purpleskymagazine.com, which everyone should be reading btw...)

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I love Atsushi [Sunday
›August 16th, 2009 at 12:31am‹]
Dear Flist,

I love Atsushi. Yes, this is how I'm starting my comeback to LJ. I just love Atsushi. Ask me why.

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›June 15th, 2009 at 6:37pm‹]
Listen to this bullshittery: In 2007, I was able to get a cell phone the day I applied for the alien registration card with only the certificate proving I applied. Now in 2009, you need the actual card, which isn't going to be ready until July 6!! I've been dying without a cell phone for three days. How the hell am I supposed to live without ANY phone for almost three weeks?? I'm going to have to complain to my company tomorrow. Oh Americans and their complaints.

In other news, I've moved into my apartment. It's short on space in terms of where to put stuff. My clothes should be fine, but I'm trying to figure out where to put my beauty products and cleaning supplies. I still need to buy a lot of stuff (cups, bowls, hangers, a MIRROR for the sake of pete), but I'm not really sure where to get those things. In Hachioji, I always had Daiei to fall back on. There's apparently one in Akabane, but it's not too convenient. I guess Daiei wasn't convenient before either. Also, I took a little walk to the grocery store. It's really...insufficient. On the plus side, there's a ton of meat. Like, more kinds of meat than I knew existed. However, there's not much else that I really like to eat other than various noodles, rice, and veggies. No fast breakfast stuff. I'm going to have to learn how to cook.

Anyway, I like being on the fifth floor here. Ok, I was about to say, "I can leave my slider door open to let air in." But then I saw a cat climbing on the roof across the way. That's just what I need: grabbing some stray cat, thinking it's Sofie, and getting a nice case of cat scratch fever (is that even real?)

Oh, and I was so tired yesterday, I didn't even try to get tickets to see Buck-Tick in Yokohama. Yeah, I'm too cool to go to lives now. Plus they're playing twice at NHK Hall, which is a lot easier/faster to get to from here. And I really need to use my money sparingly since I'm not getting paid until July 20. The month of July better be a frickin sweet month for me.

IN JAPAN! This avatar is actually how I look right now. [Friday
›June 12th, 2009 at 5:40pm‹]
I'm here. I'm foreign. Get used to it. I know that does rhymn, but I'd like to personally welcome myself to Japan. I did it all by my lonesome. I'm in a hotel right now and will move in to my apartment on Sunday. I'm not quite sure what to do with myself in the meantime. Peering out the 26th story window here, I don't really see many restaurants (I was hoping for a Kura) and I'm scared to wander. Ikebukuro Station is apparently 15 minutes form here, but we'll see. Anyway, I'm tired and can't think. Boo to that noisy family who wouldn't shut up.
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I'm leaving on a jet plane, but not with JET, bitches! [Wednesday
›June 3rd, 2009 at 10:45pm‹]
So I got my Certificate of Eligibility in the mail today (finally! how did 4 weeks turn into 6?). I immediately ran to the Japanese Consulate. Well, not RAN, but drove to the train station, took the train, and walked to the consulate. That was officially the shortest time I've ever spent in New York. I arrive at 1:40 and took the 2:34 train back to Fairfield. Anyway, my visa will be ready on June 8 if there aren't any problems. So once that's done, I'm flying out, hopefully that week. That's right. This weekend might be my last weekend in the States for awhile! It's so bizarre to think that way, I know, but I prefer things to be done fast.

As for my apartment, I'm using Sakura House to find something semi-temporary, fully furnished, utilities included, free internet and the like. It's expensive, but totally reasonable. I don't think you can get an apartment like that in lil' ol' Connecticut for $800, let alone Tokyo. And the flights aren't too too bad. I'm looking at about $750, which I was expecting.

Anyway, Katie's coming up, which is going to be nice.
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Doctor Who: Silence in the Library Part II A.K.A. Don't Ask Don't Tell in the Library [Friday
›May 29th, 2009 at 10:01pm‹]
Last weekend was more fun than I've had in a long time. Joelle came down from Montreal! We spent Saturday just hanging out in the big CT (sarcasm), but Sunday was spent in New York. As we were getting on the platform in Fairfield, we caught up with an old buddy. That's right. DOCTOR WHO! Yup. We were so tight with Doctor Who. Oh, didn't you know? We were his companions. Yeah, I really didn't talk about it much and the season won't air until 2017, but it was mosh up, well good, cheerio, pip pip, etc.

Click for the AdventureCollapse )

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›May 5th, 2009 at 8:42pm‹]
Is anyone else ticked off by the portrayal of Gambit the latest X Men movie abortion? I don't know if it was the fact that I had to pee for the entire latter half of the movie or if Canadians just cannot pull off a Creole accent, but I was sourly disappointed. Granted, the action sequences were hot, though I don't know why everyone had the ability to leap a hundred feet in the air. But the whole on slot of "new" characters, while slightly satisfying at first, felt like a mere sampler of character development. I would've loved to see more of Gambit, Deadpool, or even the Blob! Is the studio trying to feel out who is ripe for yet another X Men sequel/prequel? We already know Magneto is in the works, and frankly, I'm more interested in his story than I was ever interested in Wolverine, especially after seeing that cliched revenge plot played out.

Anyway, light stuff aside, I've been in the stinker for the last few weeks. I got in not one, but TWO car accidents, one of which is costing me over $800 (thanks to insurance, it's not costing me the estimated $4600). Then my grandmother died on Sunday. Basically, her Alzheimer's was so severe you forgot how to swallow. Alzheimer's seems to be hereditary, though I'm betting certain environmental factors in her youth attributed to the severity of it. I really didn't know her very well. She seemed to not want to have much to do with my life or my brothers', despite the fact that we're her only grandchildren. I'm not bitter, just numb.

Back to being selfish, now I'm beginning to realize that I probably won't have enough money to fly to Japan and pay for my first two months rent of whatever apartment I can find. I'll be reimbursed by the company for both things, but I don't know how I'm going to pay for it initially. I have to ask my mom for a loan, but I certainly can't do that while she's grieving. What to do what to do.
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More definitive Japan-age [Wednesday
›April 8th, 2009 at 10:38pm‹]
The company wants me to start either May 16 or June 1. HOLY TYRA! That's so soon, I don't even know what to do with myself. Wait, I know what I need to do. A shit ton! Between the visa, finding an apartment, and all the mess in between and after, I'm in denial about all the work that needs to be done. However, I did figure out what to do with my car. I'm going to be a very generous sister by continuing to make payments on it while my brother uses it. Am I not the nicest person you know? Other than that, I have to cancel my brand-new phone serivce with Sprint, which will be hella expensive.

Anyway, I want to have some sort of self-centered going away party, since I'm terrible at making friends and want to say good-bye to the ones I have over here before I end up in a life alone. (But as Joelle and I always say, "Alone, but not lonely.") Who's up for a par-tay? I don't know exactly when and where, but probably the first week in May sounds good-ish.
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Epic Sex Battle [Tuesday
›March 10th, 2009 at 8:45pm‹]
Ok, I'm arguing with SOMEONE (pinkladydiva) about who would be a better lay: GODLIKE DOCTOR MANHATTAN.. or wimpy edward cullen. HM GEE I WONDER. Could it be the guy who could do literally ANYTHING you want him to or the pussy vamp kid who is afraid to touch you for fear of "hurting you" (read: can't get it up)?

Anyway, I started the Watchmen graphic novel Monday, finished it today at around 2:30, and ran to the movie theater to watch the film. For those who are hardcore fans of the novel, how do you think it compared? After watching the film while the book was still fresh in my mind, I feel the audio/visual interpretation was quite close to the mood, plot, and characterization of the novel. Admittedly, if I hadn't read the novel, I would've been quite lost. I watched a review on REELZ channel earlier that noted that fans would be please, but new comers would find themselves scratching their noodles. How do you guys feel?
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Q-TIE! (Kyuutai) [Wednesday
›March 4th, 2009 at 7:24pm‹]
Could I be a total bother and ask someone who bought the limited edition A of Mucc's Kyuutai to upload the DVD? I like to relive concert memories through a camera lens rather than my own brain cells.
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WTF IS KANSHI? [Thursday
›February 19th, 2009 at 10:26pm‹]
I swear to FRICKIN' GOD! What is "kanshi?" I had my JET interview today, which was... meh. First of all, Dhakshila couldn't go with me, so in desperation to have SOMEONE prevent me from jumping off the top of the UBS building, I asked my dad to go. Big mistake. He makes me nervous and combative anyway. Add the stress of this interview and bam. Still, I tried my best to ignore it until we got to the train station and realized that our train had already left and the next one wasn't for another 30 minutes. Needless to say, I spent the whole train ride willing the train to move faster so I could arrive at Grand Central with at least 10 minutes to spare before my interview.

After rushing to the UBS building with about 7 minutes before the interview, I was escorted up to the consulate. The English portion of the interview was fine, even great. I was enthusiastic, answered eloquently and didn't hesitate at all. But then... the Japanese part. I was prepared to basically do the explaining why you want to go to Japan, etc. in Japanese. That I can do. Instead, I had to read a passage. Fine. I read it, understood it. Then they had me read it aloud. I fucked up a couple kanji, but whatever. He then asked me about three questions about the passage. None of which I could answer. None. Zero. I didn't understand his questions. He then asked me what Americans think about "kanshi."

Me: Kanshi?
Him: Yes.
Me: I don't understand "kanshi."
Him: *puts down his paper* (in English) Thank you for coming.

Look up "kanshi." I get "Chinese poetry" or "observation," both of which make no sense. Thinking about it now, I realized he must have said "kanji." Now he's thinking, "What a dumbass. She just read fuckin' kanji and she doesn't know what the word is!" Yes, my sentiments exactly.

As I was leaving, the guy told me in English that he graduated from Soka University. WHY COULDN'T HE HAVE TOLD ME THAT BEFORE? I really would've buttered up my love for the Founder and His Wife!

What pisses me off is that I can speak Japanese. I can. For the love of GOD if you've been studying a language for four years and lived in that country for one, you should have some grasp on it. But instead of being about to display ANY of my conversation skills, I only said ONE THING in Japanese. "Wakarimasen." I don't understand.

So yeah, I'm glad I bought a car and got a new cell phone because I'm going to be in the US for a looooong time.
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KARAOKE!! Update, etc. [Sunday
›January 25th, 2009 at 8:58pm‹]

Second: Ok... So, I know I haven't posted in I don't even want to LOOK at how long, but here I am. I've been lurking, reading journals but rarely commenting, and trolling communities like a MB thirsty... troll! So here's what's new since I last posted:

I got a job.
I got my driver's liscence.
I got a car.
I got a penis! (No, you wish, though!)

I'm trying not to look at the negatives of all the above (except my new penis... there can't be anything bad about that!). So I won't even mention them here. Anyway, about my job. I work at a music store selling and doing minor repairs on musical instruments. So I didn't go to school for that, but at least it's a job I can do while I wait on JET or whatever I really want to do with my stupid degree in my stupid non-major with my stupid made up language (Japanese).

In other news, I'm really excited about Buck-Tick's new album. I sorely need new music.
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MOOO [Tuesday
›December 9th, 2008 at 1:30am‹]
Mucc was awesome. I was cold. I am tired. I am cold again. Mucc mucc mucc. Zetsubou.
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